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Roy B. Trujillo

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer, Roy B. Trujillo, has been with TransPerfect since 1999, bringing with him significant experience in areas related to the needs of the rapidly growing family of companies. Prior to his employment with TransPerfect, Trujillo served as President and CEO of Leona's Foods, Inc. During his time there, his efforts were largely responsible for transforming a small regional company into a national supplier of high-quality natural food products.

The products developed and manufactured by LFI were sold under company owned brands as well as most of the nation's largest retailer's private label programs. Prior to his time at Leona's Foods, he held various technical and management positions at IBM, SBC Communications, and Chase Investment Services. Trujillo earned an MBA in Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies at New York University's Stern School of Business, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University.

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