LEP Marketing in Financial Services: Maximizing Opportunities with Digital



Date: December 13th 2023


  • Shane Madden- Senior Director at TransPerfect
  • Dana Weber- Global Director, Client Services at TransPerfect
  • Arlyn Kalinski- SVP of Compliance, Fair & Equitable Lending Strategies at Guaranteed Rate


Session Details: It is imperative for banks, non-bank lenders, fintech companies, and ecosystem partners to not only engage but also foster lasting connections. By doing so, they can position themselves not just for present success, but for long-term viability in an evolving financial landscape. The strategy is clear: embracing and growing with the Hispanic market is a decisive step toward future readiness and sustained growth. Listen in and join industry Leaders and Veterans Arlyn Kalinski, Shane Madden, and Dana Weber for an interactive session on considerations and practical execution opportunities that every leading retail and commercial brand should be considering.