Machine Translation

Machine Translation

As companies are faced with higher volumes of content that require translation, and as the time allotted for these projects shrinks, more and more organizations are weighing the pros and cons of machine translation – MT – as a viable solution to tackle time-critical projects.

TransPerfect’s proprietary methodology combines machine translation with complementary technologies and human translators to quickly and reliably produce usable translations for review of large volumes of text, all completed in a fraction of the time that would be required for a standard translation process.

The utility of machine translation can be stretched to include both non-distribution applications including document review, legal discovery, and internal correspondence, as well as distribution-level materials for which extremely fast turnaround times are a requirement.

Through TransPerfect’s scalable MT methodology, human involvement can be increased, decreased, or removed entirely based on the specific objectives of each project.

Machine Translation Whitepaper

To learn more about this valuable system, we invite you to download our
Machine Translation White Paper.


As one of the founding pioneers in the automated translation space, WorldLingo is a proven and effective machine translation solution for a number of applications, including web and software, email and chat, as well as large volumes of documents or text that require faster turnaround than any team of human translators can offer.

To visit WorldLingo’s dedicated website, please click here.

Website Translator

Allow visitors to your website to instantly machine translate your site on-demand

Translation API

Add translation services to any application or website

Chat Translator

Facilitate real-time discussion on portals, websites, and intranets

Email Translator

Send and receive translated emails in real-time


MT + Human Review

TransPerfect’s automated machine translation solutions can be used on their own as part of a pure technology-based strategy or in conjunction with human post-translation editing. By introducing a human reviewer into the process, the final translated product can be of sufficient quality to meet many business requirements.

To determine if an MT + Human Review solution is right for you, contact us to schedule a conversation with one of our MT consultants.

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