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Multicultural Market Research > Services

Research Translation
TransPerfect utilizes a multi-step process with multilingual market research to not simply translate literally, but to craft content that reads like it was originally written in the target language. We employ expert linguists that work with the text to ensure that the intended message, tone, and terminology all remain intact. TransPerfect has the fastest turnaround times in the industry, but when an expedited translation is needed, we can also provide you with informational quality translation of your market research for reference, which do not undergo the same rigorus process.

From focus groups to one-on-one interviews, our expert interpreters can help you communicate with confidence in any situation. Unparalleled expertise distinguishes TransPerfect as the leader in providing the highest-quality interpretation services worldwide. Accurate interpretation requires a high-level of professionalism and split-second judgment about how to convey a person’s words. Our interpreters have documented experience in their areas of specialization, excellent references, and are fully certified.

Precision and expertise are the qualities that distinguish TransPerfect's transcription services. Our fast, highly skilled transcriptionists can convert your recordings of focus groups or one-on-one interviews into written formats – on time and on budget – in over 100 languages. Each project is tailored to the client's needs, ranging from a verbatim reproduction of all speech and sounds to a summary of the key points. After a recording is transcribed, it will undergo our ISO 9001:2008-certified quality-controlled process to ensure the job is completed to the client's specifications. The transcribed material can be provided in a variety of mediums, including print and various digital formats.

Phone Interviewing
TransPerfect works with clients to pre-arrange foreign language phone interviewing worldwide. We have the capability to record the interviews, transcribe them, and subsequently translate the conversations into English or any other language requested. We can work directly into your survey software as needed. With a global availability of phone interviewers, we regularly handle phone projects. We also have sophisticated call center technology and a highly skilled staff that enables us to match a qualified, industry-specific interpreter with callers in more than 100 languages, within 30 seconds.

Research Data Entry If you are hosting an international survey online and need to work from client-approved text in a standard document format, we can work within your survey software to ensure that the individual entering the information is a native speaker of the target language. Entrust TransPerfect with this task to save time and money, and mitigate the risk associated with English-only speakers handling the task.

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