Graphic Proofreading

Graphic Proofreading

Anyone who's worked in marketing or design knows that graphic proofreading is vital to your ad's success. Every time you pour copy into a layout, there's the potential for errors to be introduced into your carefully prepared text. Considering that many languages have specific rules about line breaks, hyphenation, and positioning, this risk is only multiplied when dealing with multilingual content.

At TransPerfect, we manage this challenge by performing post-desktop publishing or graphic proofreading. Our graphic proofreaders, who are native speakers of the target language, review the laid out files after each round of revisions to ensure that no errors were introduced during the process.

If you rely on TransPerfect for multilingual typesetting, graphic proofreading is part of the service. However, if you chose to handle desktop publishing in house, or if you receive pre-formatted content in any language that you can’t review internally, we also offer graphic proofreading as a stand alone service.

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