Technology Localization Experience

Technology Localization Experience

For several years, TransPerfect has provided technical translations on an ongoing basis for Motorola’s cellular product user manuals and support materials. Our work includes multilingual website development, marketing materials, and internal sales documentation. As a leading telecommunications company, Motorola continues to expand into new growth markets and relies on TransPerfect to help bridge language gaps.

L-3 Communications
Handling highly-confidential defense communications and other classified documents may not be an everyday occurrence, but when L-3 Communications asked TransPerfect to translate 62,325 words into Turkish over the Thanksgiving holiday, we were up to the challenge. Not only did we guarantee that the document would not leave the US, we were able to place this translation with a linguist who was a Turkish native, an American citizen, and a subject-matter expert in defense communications and aeronautics. In less than five days-spanning one of the busiest holidays in the United States—TransPerfect was able to deliver a document that had been translated, edited, and proofread by specialists in the required field.

Cingular Wireless (now AT&T)
In developing materials in numerous languages for the launch of a new product, Cingular Wireless selected TransPerfect to translate and typeset an array of documents on very short turnaround. Teams of linguists and graphic specialists worked together to ensure that this client received the materials it needed-in the formats it required.

While preparing for an upcoming trade show, Oracle decided to incorporate video testimonials into its presentation. Knowing that a number of the show’s attendees would be coming from abroad, the software giant turned to TransPerfect to provide comprehensive language solutions. In less than two-and-a-half weeks, the testimonials were translated into French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The edited and proofread translations were inserted as subtitles into the videos, and Oracle was able to deliver its message universally.

Oberon Media
Over the years, Oberon Media has worked with TransPerfect on a number of translation projects. When a crucial need developed within the company for an individual with specialized expertise to manage its internal localization and translation processes, Oberon reached out to TransPerfect. In a meeting with our Staffing Solutions Division, Oberon outlined its exact personnel needs. Understanding that knowledge and skill sets were as essential as the candidate’s ability to fit into Oberon’s unique corporate culture, we developed a customized plan to identify, interview, and match the ideal candidate with the company. In less than two weeks, we identified and placed the new Localization Manager, who continues to oversee Oberon’s internal localization processes.


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