Healthcare Translation

Healthcare Translation

Effective communication with patients about medical conditions and treatments can be as important as the diagnosis. In the United States, there are currently over 21 million people with limited English proficiency. These individuals are significantly more likely to experience difficulties in understanding a medical situation, following treatment instructions, or reading labels on medications. The consequences of miscommunication or misunderstandings can be dangerous. Knowing the importance of this issue, TransPerfect offers a range of solutions so that each project is handled with the highest level of accuracy and service in the industry:

  • Translation of Medical Forms and Records
  • Bilingual Staffing
  • On-Site Interpretation
  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting
  • Multilingual Typesetting

In order to provide the best possible healthcare to all patients and to mitigate potential liabilities, it is imperative that the translation or interpretation of medical information be performed by highly skilled, experienced language specialists. Our ISO 9000:2001 certification is a testament to our dedication to quality, ensuring that the needs of the patient are met and that the doctor, hospital, or medical institution can be confident that accurate information is being communicated.


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