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How to Save Over $7 Million in 7 Years with GlobalLink

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How to Save Over $7 Million in 7 Years with GlobalLink

How much money can a global company save by implementing TransPerfect’s GlobalLink Localization Suite?

This is the primary question Forrester Research set out to answer in a recent report calculating the Total Economic Impact™ of the GlobalLink Localization Suite. Forrester interviewed a top-10 global hospitality company that has been using GlobalLink since it launched its localization program seven years ago—analyzing both quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits.

Over the seven-year evaluation period, the company realized benefits of $9.5 million versus costs of $2.3 million—a net present value (NPV) of $7.14 million or a risk adjusted ROI of 307%. The $9.5 million in benefits predominantly resulted from productivity gains, translation cost savings, and reduced time-to-market. Conversely, the organization also experienced significant non-quantifiable benefits, including increased consistency across different sites and languages, as well as improved customer service—a result of being able to reach more customers in their native languages.

Simply put, for companies exploring new revenue opportunities in international markets, TransPerfect’s GlobalLink Suite is one of the best investments you can make.

Click here to request a copy of the full Forrester Report.

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