Telecommunication Image Collection & Annotation

The Challenge

One of the largest global communication and technology companies approached DataForce for a unique data curation project with its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) division. After global workforces shifted to home because of the pandemic and overall shift in work culture, the client needed to collect specific images. The engagement was both data collection and data prep with segmentation of individuals sitting in a virtual meeting at their desktop or laptop.

The Solution

Within just 30 days, DataForce utilized its global database of over 1.3 million contributors, quickly selecting 10,000 individual participants across APAC and Europe to assist in the data collection project. Once the images were collected, DataForce then turned to its professional freelance community to both segment and label the images so the client could utilize the trained data set for their ongoing VR/AR project. The training data for this initiative was broken down through DataForce’s proprietary segmentation platform, ultimately supporting fun and interactive desktop and mobile backgrounds that involved online meetings, conferences, and digital interactions.