Driver Navigation Experience User Study

The Problem

Our client, a multinational technology company, approached DataForce in search of a partner to conduct a research study on driver experience for delivery service drivers.

The user study took place in various locations around the United States, focusing on driver experience while using a monitor instead of a phone for driver navigation. During the study, observations on driver interaction were recorded through both moderated digital surveys and videos with an emphasis on improving the overall driver experience.

The Solution

Working with our client, a variety of qualified drivers were identified and selected to take part in the study.

  • The pre-study gauged the drivers’ openness to having a dashboard screen to replace or enhance the phone used for navigation, tracking packages, and stops.
  • The following survey took place in the middle of deliveries, focusing on driver strain, comfort, and usability of the dashboard display.
  • The final survey asked similar questions to the second survey, gauging the level of comfort and strain as the user study came to a close.

By taking a collaborative approach, our client was able to gain much-needed insight into the overall driver experience through on-site data-collection services.