Multilingual Typesetting

Multilingual Typesetting

Language Expertise
Our graphic artists, technology specialists, and linguists work together to ensure that the unique typesetting requirements of each language are met.

Arabic text, for example, is never hyphenated: it should be expanded or contracted to fit the graphic space. German text may be hyphenated, but there are specific rules for where breaks should occur. Spanish text is likely to expand by up to 25% when compared to the English original. Our typesetting experts also know how to adapt Japanese characters to fit a caption box originally created for English text.

In short, TransPerfect typesetters can work within your layout to accommodate text expansion and contraction, while respecting vital grammatical nuances, making it look as if your file were originally typeset in the target language.

Graphic Capabilities
With expertise in all applications, our typesetters draw upon our library of fonts in more than 100 languages including Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and Vietnamese. We can typeset complex files in MAC or PC platforms and deliver the kind of electronic files you prefer.

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