Interactive Voice Response System Management

Interactive Voice Response System Management

  • To complete in an increasingly globalized economy, top companies are challenged to find new ways communicate with consumers, partners, and employees quickly and effectively. To help organizations cope with these challenges, TransPerfect provides an array of multilingual IVRS solutions. Our streamlined processes, stringent ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management, and enterprise-wide glossary development, ensure accuracy and consistency across global brands.

    TransPerfect provides each client with dedicated project management available 24/7 and customer support backed by a global network of over 5,000 certified translators. Whether you need help scouting expert voice talent or in-country/target-market testing work with TransPerfect today and let us find the ideal solution for your global needs.

Translation of Voice Prompts

For each and every translation, three native-speaking, subject-area experts independently translate, edit, and proofread each script prior to recording. Whatever the language, whatever the subject, TransPerfect can translate your voice prompts quickly and accurately to ensure the highest of quality for your company and your clients. TransPerfect’s goal is not just to translate your script literally, but to craft content to read and sound as if it were originally written in the target language.

Cultural Consulting

A message conceived for a company’s home market can contain elements that may seem "foreign," or worse, inappropriate, in other cultures. TransPerfect’s expert cultural consultants take the guesswork out of a multilingual IVRS by adapting your message for the target demographic.

Professional Voice Recording

TransPerfect retains a large directory of seasoned voice talent, ensuring that each client can choose the ideal voice-over professional to suits their needs. Every voice talent is auditioned not only for language, but also to match the particular dialect of the country and region your contacts are calling from. Additionally, each native language script translator has over five years of experience and has been certified through our TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) Program for language and subject-area expertise.

Multilingual Production Supervision

At TransPerfect, our native language production supervisors assist production directors in monitoring voice prompt recording for accuracy, clarity, and diction. We don’t just provide voice talent—we provide bilingual supervisors to direct the voice talent in the most effective way possible. Experienced managers working in our production hubs around the world—and around the clock—oversee and coordinate every aspect of
your project.

International and Multilingual Staffing and Recruitment

If you are looking for an entire team of multilingual call center representatives, TransPerfect has the resources and industry connections to find your ideal team. With extensive experience finding and recruiting the best linguistic experts over a wide range of specialties and industries, we know where to look and most importantly, we promise to deliver the candidates that meet your desired specification.

Audio Engineering

At TransPerfect, all of your voice prompts are recorded, edited, and produced in professional sound studios and returned in a ready-to-use format to match your system’s unique requirements.

System Validation

Using a different team of native speakers, each IVRS is beta tested for system accuracy and voice-prompt placement prior to going live. Here at TransPerfect, we have the technical experts and bilingual professionals to ensure the job is done correctly—the first time around.




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