The Challenge

Directly following its launch of Moto X, Moto G, and Moto 360 across English-speaking markets, Motorola sought to create Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German versions of the sizzle marketing videos for each product as part of a major rebranding effort to increase global market share.

As Motorola’s trusted language services partner, TransPerfect Studios would need to collaborate closely with the company’s advertising agency, Droga5, to produce the localized videos under very tight deadlines.


The Solution

Preparation was key for such a large project, so Motorola involved TransPerfect Studios at a very early stage, prior to the production of the English videos. As such, we were able to develop strategies to address localization challenges well before the actual adaptation stage.

Once the English source scripts were finalized and the videos were being edited, we worked closely with Droga5 to initiate the video localization process. In concert with Droga5, we directed the international casting and recording aspects according to Motorola’s voice and branding specifications, and we provided additional editorial resources to Droga5 as needed.

As a result, TransPerfect Studios was able to deliver on-brand and culturally appropriate videos for each product in all required languages.



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