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Integrate Salesforce with GlobalLink Connect

Since 2010, more than 50 Salesforce clients have trusted TransPerfect to support their global business needs. With a full range of omnichannel solutions including SEO, Customer Support, Brand Consulting, Social Media and more, TransPerfect can help hit your global growth and customer satisfaction targets.


Knowledge Base content is important to keep information up to date across organization. This becomes increasingly challenging when global content is involved. With Knowledge Cloud integration, you can:

  • Translate knowledge articles using native out-of-the-box translation workflow
  • Create translation workflows with approval and review
  • Configure article type and field for granular control over translatable content
  • Knowledge Service Marketing Commerce Cloud Solutions
  • Retrieve translated articles and manage post-transition publishing automatically
  • Integrate any number of vendors into translation workflow
  • Create reports by user, organization, or vendor


Customer happiness is created by good customer service and good customer service is created by. Empower your Customer Service teams by globalizing content via Service Cloud integration:

  • Deliver fast, high-quality, and affordable real-time translation with neural machine translation service
  • Customize languages on a per-agent level
  • Allow agents and customers to reply and receive messages in their own language
  • Maintain brand voice with custom glossaries and style guides
  • Available for Lightning and Classic


Part of understanding your customers is speaking their language. With Marketing Cloud integration, you can ensure that every interaction happens in your customer’s preferred language. Go customer-centric and:

  • Leverage native content builder functionality
  • Eliminate manual copy/paste
  • Deploy global campaigns with no multilingual skills
  • Maintain message consistency
  • Create global customer touch points


Leverage B2B and B2C tools under one roof. Commerce Cloud Integration allows you to:

  • Initiate translations through business manager interface
  • Automatically import and export: Catalog Data, Freight, Promotions, and Rich Content
  • Deploy global campaigns with no multilingual skills
  • Receive automated email notification of job status
  • Translation and review in context, with On-Page Preview
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Years Experience

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Say goodbye to copy and paste. With scheduled or on-demand translation initiation via the UI, translation is made easier for your content authors. From extensive experience deploying connectors, your implementation goes smoother than ever before.

On-Demand Analytics

On-Demand Analytics

Get a dashboard view of translation spend and other KPI’s to know how your translation resources are performing and use that data to continuously improve. Integrate the reporting engine with your own BI to consolidate your data.

Translation Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Work with any combination of internal or external translation resources for maximum flexibility. Encourage vendors to bid on translation projects and crowdsource your translations across any number of resources.

Flexible Workflows

Flexible Workflows

Utilize the platform to manage your translations across your enterprise. Machine translation, human translation, or a hybrid of both are just a few of the possible workflow configuration options in the platform.

Rapid ROI


Reduce IT and system integrator involvement in launching your international multilingual content. Eliminate project management overhead. Never pay twice for translation because of centralized and shared translation memory.

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