Multilingual Transcription & Annotation

TransPerfect enhances client's virtual assistant with multilingual transcription and annotation.

The Problem

Our client, a leading Fortune 100 tech company, uses AI in some of the most popular end-consumer products in the world. Their virtual assistant supports millions of users and requires best-of-class speech recognition and natural language understanding in all supported languages. To make this happen, thousands of hours of speech data needed to be accurately transcribed and labeled. This process involves the work of hundreds of multilingual employees on complex guidelines to reach the necessary levels of accuracy and productivity.

The Solution

TransPerfect leveraged resources from its secure facilities in more than 100 global offices. We ramped up several projects within a few weeks while we hired and trained teams of data specialists with native-level proficiency in 12 languages. In under six months, TransPerfect hired 400 full-time data specialists across five countries. By receiving a continuous stream of highly accurate training data, our client is able to develop new and improve existing features of an AI virtual assistant used worldwide.

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