Content Moderation for Safe Work Environment

DataForce creates safe work environments by annoting images.

The Problem

Whether it is used for facilitating the categorization and display of products for online retailers or creating safety applications, image classification can save time in many ways. Reaching a point where a system can reliably identify specific features of an image requires considerably large amounts of accurately analyzed data.

The Solution

TransPerfect customized its DataForce platform to provide an image annotation environment based on our client's requirements. We sourced one million images as a training data set for a safe for work application. A team of annotators was trained to extensively and accurately tag several types of inappropriate, adult content within the same image. When initial reviews revealed a lack of sufficient variety in images due to the specific nature of the field, TransPerfect trained a team of image curators to identify and select the most relevant images. Some of the key requirements included diversity to ensure the algorithm would perform no matter the gender, ethnicity, or overall appearance of the actors in the images. Such applications create safe for work environments and could also help reduce cyberbullying by blocking an individual’s involuntary online exposure.

Annotation for Safe Work