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Welcome to our New and Improved Blog: A TransPerfect World

A TransPerfect World Blog

Welcome to our New and Improved Blog: A TransPerfect World

With over 4,000 employees in 90+ cities worldwide, our company has become a diverse collection of individuals. Each country, each city, each person brings to the table a unique perspective and voice that makes us who we are. For us, it’s truly a TransPerfect World, and we want to share it with you.

Within these pages you’ll find a wide variety of articles—insights into industry best practices, technology explorations, academic articles, translation tips, global business strategies, etc. As we continue to add content, you might see us branch into new areas like case studies, vertical research, and maybe even some travel tips for the cities where we have employees.

Our goal is to share as much information as we can with you—to help you and your business succeed in navigating the global marketplace. We also hope that you’ll come to think of us as a partner and trusted source of information. And maybe you’ll get to know us and our personality a little better—we’ve got our fair share of characters!

So bookmark this page (, and come back often. Subscribe to our RSS feed or signup for email alerts so you get new content whenever we post it. Sure, you can find a lot on our TransPerfect website, and you can keep up with us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram too, but each of those is just one little corner of the Internet. a TransPerfect World.

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