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How to Maximize ROI Retail Strategies with Content Creation

Niklas Schlappkohl, Senior Director, Language Consulting


How to Maximize ROI Retail Strategies with Content Creation

The world is in a weird place right now, and it’s unclear when, or if, we’ll go back to where we were before the pandemic struck.

As everyone reacts and adapts to the ongoing global crisis, the economy continues to change, and brands are doing their best to keep up – better yet, stay afloat.

While there are a variety of strategic avenues for retailers to take to achieve successful adaptation, creating well-written, optimized content is one that cannot be overlooked.

But what kind of content do retailers and ecommerce companies need to focus on, and where do they start? Here are five courses of action to take to help maximize your return on investment (ROI) by utilizing content creation.

The Power of Language

A great way to engage with new markets is to translate content into their language. Localizing content leads to an increase in both organic traffic and conversion rates because the content literally speaks the target audience’s language.

Organic traffic often increases considerably. The strongest surge in performance will be within markets where English is not common as a second language. Even though English is usually considered the go-to language – and, in some markets, being proficient in English in addition to a native language is commonplace – users in those markets still utilize search engines in their own language.

When it comes to conversion rates, localizing content is even more critical. Performance may improve considerably as users are more comfortable making purchases in their own language. Users need to feel comfortable and secure when taking the final decision to buy or not to buy.

The more the user knows and understands the product and terms of the purchase, the more comfortable it will make them feel.

Make Use of What You Have

With the content you’ve translated, take it one step further and make sure it’s optimized so it’s relevant to the audience it’s in front of. There are multicultural marketing services that can help you do so. Optimize the content for search engines in your target audience’s location by having it localized to reflect what search terms they would use. That way, it’s more likely to be seen by that target audience when they type products you offer in the search bar.

Make sure your English content is optimized, as well. 

More is More is More

You already have content to describe your products; create more. By adding additional copy at the bottom each product webpage, you can improve product performance. This is in addition to optimizing the existing and new text for search engines.

The more consumers know about a product, the more comfortable they feel about purchasing it. Even if you have a stellar return policy, the consumer wants to avoid the hassle of returning anything and look forward to receiving a product with certainty.

Increase Online Visibility

Social media is important in driving brand awareness which eventually drives sales in all markets to varying degrees. With all the competition out there, it’s not enough to have just one account in one language.  For each major market you are trying to reach, you should have a social media account in that language. And of course, for that channel to contribute means the account must be curated and active on a regular basis.

If you don´t have a Community Manager who can handle a particular language, you can seek outside help with digital marketing agencies that specialize in globalization services.

In addition, paid marketing campaigns are almost always a strong driver of traffic. Just make sure the entire customer journey from a campaign is live before launching. This includes having an active landing page in addition to the ad itself.

Increasing online visibility with paid ads will have a strong impact in ROI. Not only will you improve conversions, but you’ll also improve the ad-ranking, since the path will be in-language, which is something different ad networks apply in their algorithms to display content.

Bring in Brand Captains

Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Due to a severe reduction in staffing, companies have been employing more brand captains: local third-party brand representatives.

Businesses have found that utilizing brand captains can ease the strain put on the remaining employees. These employees can no longer handle the responsibility of being the brand’s cheerleaders while also working in smaller teams and doing the same amount of work before layoffs became so common.

Getting a local, outside perspective for each market is helpful in ensuring the brand meets the consumer´s expectations in that market.

Content has been, and always will be, king. Investing in localized and optimized content will help improve your product performance by helping consumers fully understand the product in their own language and trigger search engines to find your products easier.


If you’d like to learn more about localizing and optimizing your content to maximize your ROI retail strategies, please email and one of our experts will be in touch.

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