TransPerfect Minimizes Risks Of Using Multilingual E-commerce Sites


TransPerfect Minimizes Risks Of Using Multilingual E-commerce Sites

ZippyCart – December 19, 2011

Countless ecommerce sites are offering holiday deals this year, but shoppers will gravitate to retailers that provide security and efforts to prevent identity theft. Given the ease of global Internet shopping, consumers are buying products from companies all over the world, and, especially when dealing with foreign ecommerce sites, customers want to be assured they are shopping securely. Shoppers are concerned with the security risks and scams associated with online deals, and retailers must combat this fear to break through the cluttered ecommerce landscape and attract more customers.

TransPerfect, a leading provider of language services and technology solutions, announced that it now has PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification for its GlobalLink OneLink technology. This makes OneLink the first website localization solution to boast this added layer of data security, thereby giving shoppers further reassurance to the safety of their information when shopping online. PCI DSS certification minimizes the risks associated with transacting business over multilingual e-commerce sites around the world.

GlobalLink OneLink is designed to address the specific needs of ecommerce, retail and travel sites via a proxy-based approach. Once the site is launched, advanced change-detection capabilities ensure that multilingual versions remain current whenever updates occur. In markets where SKUs, prices or other vital information changes daily, hourly or even by the minute, automating site maintenance across all language versions of a customer-facing website is critical to a successful multilingual web strategy. The addition of PCI DSS certification provides localization security for these sites.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements designed to ensure companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information or other personal information for site users maintain a secure environment, guarantees that all guidelines are followed when handling sensitive client data related to online commerce and customer interaction.

Phil Shawe, co-CEO of TransPerfect, had this to say about the company’s new certification:

“Since we work with e-commerce and other types of sites that require users to enter highly sensitive personal information, it was important to our firm to take the lead by investing in PCI Certification. Our clients want the greatest possible assurance that their customers’ data is secure when transacting business over the web globally.”

When using TransPerfect’s OneLink, ecommerce sites are able to ensure that their customers’ sensitive information, including credit card data, social security numbers and contact information, will remain confidential when transacting business globally over the web.

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