Top 4 Translation Tips from


Top 4 Translation Tips from

Everyone is talking about content translation in the New Year. From entire websites to specific product pages and SEO campaigns, having the right language available for your products is one way to engage a globalized consumer. Aren't sure where to begin? Here are our top tips.

By Kristina Knight is one online hub helping brands engage a global audience through translation.

"At one time, only the largest businesses could afford to invest the necessary resources to localize their websites, and not all that chose to do this executed it very well," said Nicholas Panagopoulos, Director of Business Development, "Today, harnessing the power of the Internet to globalize business initiatives and increase revenue streams is more financially viable and resource friendly for a very large number of companies."

The key is in the strategy. Here are Nicholas' top four tips for SEO based translation.

First, use ISEO. "There is little value in developing a website that is not optimized for ISEO. Instead, use optimization best practices to guide your company's entire content development and site-architecture strategy," said Panagopoulos.

Second, choose your words wisely. Focus on keyword selection and optimizing website/SEO copy.

Third, vet those images. "A picture is worth 1,000 words. Make sure they're the words you want to convey," advises Panagopoulos. "Images...might broadcast unintended messages abroad that only a native or a trained professional can identify." While vetting those images, make sure the copy describing the image is appropriate as well.

Fourth, think beyond the keyword. "Many of the world's search engines not name 'Google' place greater emphasis on page load times, top level domains, where the sites are hosted, density of the keywords used...and links to the sites from other reputable resources for the topic at hand," said Panagopoulos. "Beyond all of this there exists an even larger international search marketing universe that includes social media, international search engine marketing and rich media."

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