Gap Year Abroad: Preparation is Key to Travelling


Gap Year Abroad: Preparation is Key to Travelling – November 15, 2010

Gap year students need to ensure that they plan ahead and try to pick up phrases of language for the countries which they are visiting, according to an expert.

Sharron Livingston, editor of, said that people have to acclimatise when they go abroad, adding that there is "no way to get around it".

"Preparation is key for when you travel. If you're going to a country where they don't speak your language, you're going to have to make some sort of preparation. Taking a list of key words is a very good idea," she stated.

Ms Livingston went on to say that it was important for people to understand a little about the culture of a country before they visit.

Her words came after research from TransPerfect found that tricky public transport is the top tourist bugbear, with dining out and reading public signs also proving difficult for those who do not know the local language.

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