Foreign Languages 'Must be Grasped' on Overseas Caravan Holidays


Foreign Languages 'Must be Grasped' on Overseas Caravan Holidays – November 15, 2010

It is essential for people to get a general grasp of foreign languages when embarking on overseas caravan holidays, a travel expert has said.

One way to combat the language barrier is to take a list of key phrases and words, noted Sharron Livingston, editor of

However, this is not the only challenge people will face, she pointed out, as driving laws are also different on the continent.

The expert continued: "If you're driving, find out in advance what the rules are on the road, so that you don't break any laws."

Understanding a little about the culture of a country will also go a long way, Ms Livingston explained, as this will mean that travellers appear respectful while overseas.

Translation services provider TransPerfect recently found that tricky public transport as the top tourist bugbear, with dining out and reading public signs also featuring on the list.

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