Girl Scouts: “Se Habla Español”


Girl Scouts: “Se Habla Español”

By Giovanni Rodriguez – April 12, 2011

Speaking of the census numbers and other evidence of the growing Hispanic population in the US, I learned this morning that “Hispanic communities have one of the only girl populations in the country that is growing.”  That’s from a press release from the Girl Scout Council of Northern Texas which has just unveiled program to create “Spanish-language recruitment materials, program collateral and Girl Scouting guides.”

It’s part of a national campaign focused on recruiting Hispanic girls using a broad range of traditional media and digital/social tech.

There are a couple of things about this campaign that I find noteworthy:

  • the fact that Hispanics in fact represent one of the few “girl populations that is growing.”  Not quite sure I fully understand that, and I’d like to dig deeper in a future blog post.
  • the fact that the Girl Scouts are using an integrated approach to reach a young population.  It’s a complex project, I am sure, involving strategies for reaching both children and their parents (see the print ad to the left) in both English and Spanish.

I’d like to see how the overall Girl Scout mission (“scouting builds courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.”) evolves alongside other Latino youth movements that are leveraging the web.  I’d wager that this would be another effective strategy for recruitment.

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