3 Ways Women Can Brag About Their Companies


3 Ways Women Can Brag About Their Companies

By Geri Stengel

Forbes - February 8, 2012

Shout it from the rooftops! Tell the world your business is booming and you’re one helluva entrepreneur.

Oh, you can’t do that because it isn’t ladylike? Wrong answer.

The right answer? You must do that because it’s good business, clear and simple.

Researchers have found that women are reluctant to speak up about their accomplishments and that reluctance costs them opportunities to advance their careers and their businesses. Women need to toss aside the adage that it’s unladylike to brag. You don’t have to sound like a blowhard. Just nominate yourself for an award or place on a “Best of” list. It’s ragging without bragging. Check out these possibilities:

Making the cut on such competitions will increase your visibility as a leader, your company’s visibility as a reliable up-and-coming business, and you’ll be an inspiration to other women as they enter the entrepreneurial arena. It’s a smart business move.

Be recognized as a leader

Winning a place on a list or an entrepreneurial award boosts your credibility. When you speak, people are more likely to listen. You also are exposed to a network of entrepreneurs like yourself, who have worked hard, overcome obstacles, and have wisdom to share.

An outside voice saying that you’ve led your company to success carries more weight than if you said it yourself. Getting a nod from such a group says a lot about your leadership and entrepreneurial talent.

It’s less uncomfortable than outright boasting. Yes, you have those few uncomfortable moments while you’re filling out the application but that passes quickly.  If you win, the accolade is forever.

Liz Elting, co-CEO of TransPerfect, was one of the Women’s Presidents Organization’s top 50 last year. “To me, the best thing about having been named among the WPO’s 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Businesses is being recognized alongside such a fantastic group of women who, very likely, have overcome many of the same obstacles that I did,” she says.

Put your company in the news

Those who make the list or win the competitions are featured in business news stories around the web. Investors, bankers, and potential partners will all take note. While you may not be looking for financing now, a place on a “Top XX” list may come in very handy some day. And all those stories and search engine hits will make your company more visible to potential customers.

What’s more, people like working for “winners.” Media coverage and a “win” will attract and retain top-notch employees.

Be a role model

Inspiring others is very gratifying. For Elting, one of the biggest benefits of being one of the  WPO Top 50 is show hard-working, smart women that they don’t have to forego a career if they want to have a family. They can be both high-growth, innovative entrepreneurs and good moms, as she is.

“It’s not that easy,” she says, “but you can develop a strategy that enables you to do both successfully.”  She’s received calls and emails from women, telling her that seeing TransPerfect’s ranking helped them see what’s possible. That is “extremely rewarding” for her, both personally and professionally.

So there you have it. A way to speak up and get noticed without hearing your grandmother’s voice in your head saying, “Tsk, tsk.”

You’ve done the work; you deserve a pat on the back.

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