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Advertising and Marketing Translation > Experience

When the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing unveiled the new multicolored $10 bill, its PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, launched a multilingual campaign entitled "The New Color of Money" to introduce this not-so-greenback to financial institutions around the globe. Having successful partnered with the firm on its campaigns for the redesigned $50 and $20 bills, TransPerfect was the obvious choice to undertake this new assignment. With 38 projects going into 24 languages, Burson-Marsteller was banking on TransPerfect’s ability to provide a full array of services, including translating 30,000 words into eight languages overnight, typesetting less commonly requested languages like Kazakh and Ukrainian, and helping attain Section 508 compliance-a feat the firm had previously been unable to achieve. By the conclusion of the project, we had translated over 250,000 words into 24 languages and provided desktop publishing services integral to the launch of this successful and innovative campaign.

Cline Davis & Mann
As a top healthcare marketing agency, Cline Davis & Mann is responsible for promoting public awareness of pharmaceuticals to consumers around the world. When its client, Pfizer, was ready to test ads for the new drug Caduet, CDM called upon TransPerfect to translate the materials for seven key foreign markets. Since the project required copy adaptation for more than ten ads, TransPerfect had to deliver on expedited schedules and be prepared for changes in the scope of work a moment’s notice. Utilizing translators with industry knowledge in healthcare marketing, we were able to keep pace with the tight deadlines, working around the clock and offering 24/7 customer support availability.

Leo Burnett Worldwide
When a Leo Burnett client wanted to establish a larger presence in Europe, the marketing maven called on TransPerfect to provide translations of advertising material. Since most of the ad executives were not fluent in the target languages of Russian and Polish, additional back-translations were requested so that the agency’s team of experts could verify that the campaign was being broadcast with consistency. We were able to ensure cultural appropriateness while conveying the intended message-not by simply translating, but by truly adapting the source into an easily understood context for the target market.

Sitrick and Company
As a top public relations firm guiding one of its clients through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, Sitrick and Company faced a daunting task when it had less than 48 hours to translate 300 documents into 19 languages. Unfazed by the challenge, fourteen TransPerfect project managers on two continents worked quickly to assemble 130 linguists into 30 teams and familiarize them with the client’s preferred style and linguistic choices while simultaneously coordinating the delivery of each document as it was approved. This seemingly impossible task was accomplished through 24-hour production and client service support and the dedication of the most qualified linguists in the industry.

Young & Rubicam
Following a disappointing experience with another translation vendor, Young & Rubicam came to TransPerfect with a mammoth initiation project for their client, Chevron. It involved translation of the word “energy” into more than 100 languages and typesetting each rendering within the corporation’s logo-all to be completed in less than one business week. Because the word could be interpreted in numerous ways, it was imperative that the same meaning be conveyed consistently in each language. A team of 150 linguists was assembled to ensure the best trans-adaptation, and our in-house desktop publishing staff worked tirelessly to guarantee an early delivery. Because of our ability to adapt and create customized solutions, Young & Rubicam continues to turn to TransPerfect to provide unparalleled language services.

Thomas Taber & Drazen
After producing three successful radio spots for client Einstein Bros Bagels, Thomas Taber & Drazen faced the challenge of adapting these commercials to target the Hispanic population in South Florida. Not having much experience in producing ads for the Spanish-speaking community, TT&D looked to TransPerfect for help. Because the original concept included jokes and plays on words, there was uncertainty as to how well its Spanish version would be received by the target audience. In addition to creating a survey to evaluate the cultural viability of the script, we assembled a diverse team of linguists to provide feedback on how a Spanish-speaking consumer might perceive the copy. Using the information gathered, we were able to adapt the copy to make a culturally appropriate version, assemble voice talent, and coordinate with local recording studios to ensure that this project would be a success-all in under two weeks.


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