Translation Memory – TM Tools

Translation Memory – TM Tools

TransPerfect employs several translation memory – TM tools (also known as computer-aided translation or CAT tools). These softwares aid our translators, editors, and proofreaders in quickly turning around projects and help ensure the highest quality translation. They partly automate the translation, localization and quality assurance processes and are employed for every client and project, streamlining the overall workflow.

The translation memory tools we use achieve higher rates of efficiency by comparing words, sentences, phrases or other segments of language with established translations. TM lowers costs by ensuring that repetitive language is not re-translated. In addition, time-to-market is greatly improved because the text-extraction and translation processes become largely automated. Most importantly, TM tools enable increased consistency across all media and types of communication.

TM tools do not provide instantaneous or machine translation, although they do help to automate the translation process, which saves time, cuts costs, and allows for the highest level of quality and consistency in final deliverables.


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