GlobalLink Content Director

GlobalLink Content Director

GlobalLink Content Director is TransPerfect's flagship globalization management system (GMS) technology solution. By employing change detection and workflow integration, content managers are able to initiate a more cost-effective and efficient globalization process.

Efficient Globalization Management

By improving the efficiency in which dynamic content can be localized, local content will reach its market faster. The result will be strengthened customer loyalty and a maximized return on global assets.

  • Automated Process - Streamline Project Management by automating many of the cumbersome tasks involved in localization with change detection and automated file submission. Content Director reduces the time and resources required for project management.
  • Dynamic Localization - Localization through Content Director allows for newly changed source language content to be translated and launched within hours of notification.
  • User-Friendly Interface - Browser-based UI provides easy access to file systems regardless of the content type. This improves the consistency in which localization managers can manage all their content.
  • Workflow and Business Rules - Customizable business rules can be pre-set to accommodate any client workflow.
  • Step-by-Step Configuration - Content Director requires little time for setup and training. Intuitive web-based interface easily walks administrators through the assignment of user privileges and project setup.


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