TLC Testing Process

TLC Testing Process

An important factor for ensuring the success of our Linguistic Certification Program is the process and methodology of the testing that each linguist must undergo. TransPerfect has developed a rigorous examination process that guarantees only the highest-qualified linguists, with specific subject-area expertise, are certified.  

Prior to testing, all native-speaking linguists must fulfill stringent criteria relating to in-country residency, educational background, experience, and end client references. Once these prerequisites are met, the potential linguists go through an additional screening process that determines the proper subject-area tests appropriate for each linguist.

  • Our tests range over 80 fields and subject-specific areas.
  • Each candidate is required to take every sub-category test within
    their main subject area.
  • These exams are roughly 300 words each.
  • The linguist is allotted 48 hours to complete each test.

Upon full completion of their subject area examinations the documents are sent to two Certified TransPerfect reviewers for determining pass or fail. These reviewers are either Internal Quality Managers, or External linguists, both certified and approved by Quality Assurance. 

Our exhaustive subject-specific testing modules help us in providing our clients with only the most experienced and qualified linguists, as shown by our pass rates.
Testing Pass Rates:

  • 6% for technical terminology
  • 12% for all other translation
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