TLC Program Requirements

TLC Program Requirements

The first stage of the Linguist Certification process requires linguists to meet or exceed the following requirements, which are verified by our Vendor Managers as part of the initial screening:

  • Candidate must be a native speaker of the target language in question
  • Candidate must provide proof of educational background and experience
  • College degree in translation or interpretation and 5 years of experience, or college degree and 7 years of professional experience in translation or interpretation
  • Candidate must document translation experience in their area of specialization
  • Candidate must provide 3 references, at least one of which must be from an end client
  • Candidate must maintain residency (equal to or greater than 3 months, not necessarily consecutive) in their native country within the past 5 years

Once these prerequisites are met, each candidate is taken through a series of assessments intended to measure their degree of professionalism, comprehension of ethics, and proficiency in translation or interpretation in specific languages and fields.

Having passed the initial screening and performance assessment, linguists are required to maintain their Certification by partaking in TransPerfect's educational offerings. 


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