Quality Assurance Processes

Quality Assurance Processes


  • Toolkit Construction: After completion of Project Analysis, our team produces a comprehensive project toolkit. This toolkit typically consists of all source files, existing terminology glossaries, approved lexical and style guidelines, and any relevant particulars and logistics related to the translation environment.
  • Review of Target Language Requirements: The next stage is a detailed analysis of the source language, paying special attention to style, tone, target audience as well as any coding requirements (character set, meta tags, etc.) and incorporation of these requirements into the translation process.
  • Initial Client Review: For projects intended for distribution, prior to initiating the full translation process, a client review of selected sample text can be performed to allow us to refine the style and tone to the point where we can precisely convey your message. We typically ask the client to designate a contact for each target language that can review a sampling of the text and can be available for any questions that arise during the translation process.

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