Careers: Working Here

Careers: Working Here

Eleanor - Accounting Team

After five years acting as an Accountant and Benefits Administrator for a non-profit organization, I came to TransPerfect in 2000 because they presented me with unique challenges and opportunity for career growth in the technology sector. There have been many dynamic changes to the organization as a whole during my years with the company, yet I still see a lot of interesting career potential in the future. One of the most important aspects of my job is that it requires a high degree of flexibility. It is impossible to describe a typical day. There is always a new challenge in keeping our Finance Department moving ahead to support all the departments here with timely and accurate information. Overall, I enjoy supporting members of my team as a mentor in my management of the group, as well as the detail-oriented aspects of accounting that are required. All of these qualities of the TransPerfect experience combine to make it a unique and exciting workplace.

Matt - Language Team

I have charted a career path at TransPerfect since the summer of 2000. TransPerfect is a flexible and generous home for full- and part-time staff members. I was hired right out of graduate school with no experience in the business world or the Internet industry. Rather than crashing after a few months of false expansion like many of our competitors in the early nineties, TransPerfect has patiently built a business where I had five years of opportunities to improve my software skills, increase my language knowledge, oversee a 1.3-million word multiyear relationship, travel to sales meetings and client conferences, and manage a team of junior production associates. Through my job, I have also made friends with colleagues from all over the globe. We at TransPerfect have created a challenging and growing environment for our freelance vendors, and I am proud to say that I have been working with some of the same translators and editors throughout my tenure at the company. The localization community recognizes that is a place to get access to training and practice on the latest translation tools and the highest linguistic standards.

Paul - Operations

TransPerfect and really is something of a family. When I started there were six offices and maybe 25 employees. Now we have more than 1,800 employees in offices across the US and around the world. Yet despite all this growth, it still manages to feel like a family. The day-to-day interaction with my co-workers – from the owners and top managers to the newest member of the team – is continually stimulating and rewarding. It has been a real pleasure being a part of all this success.

Holly - Project Management

What I love about working here is the freedom I have to figure out my path and achieve it. That's what gets me out of bed each morning. If I can dream it, and if I am determined enough to find a way, I can make it reality. My goal is to make my department the best Life Sciences translation company in the world. We've got a lot ahead of us, but I feel with the support of upper management and the dedication of my team, which, by the way, is made up of some of the finest and most talented people I have met, anything is possible. There are no doubt stressful times here, but the culture of exciting possibilities and growth makes it all worth it.

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